Wedding Limo Rental Guidelines for the Happy Couple

One of the biggest mistakes a bride and groom makes when it comes to hiring a wedding limo rental service is basing their decision purely on price alone. This can be quite a big risk for the happy couple. Getting the best price is like everything else, you need to shop around and do your homework. Best price and risks Risks you will need to swallow when you are looking for the best price.

Your limo is late, which means you will be late for your own wedding. Which could result in you being late for your honeymoon flight? Or, a limo arrives which is rusting at the seams, and you are expecting a new model. So instead of arriving in style, you will be hiding instead.

Your limo driver has bad customer service skills and has an altercation with the bride’s mother. Which means your day is ruined before it even starts. Your limo has a breakdown on the highway on its way to the reception. You and your party miss the wedding reception, and you have spent $60 a plate, however, only made a saving of $35.00 on the limo service.

Your limo is involved in an accident and does not have current insurance to cover the damages or injuries you have sustained. Your limousine arrives late, and the groom is left waiting at the altar, however, you made a saving of $50 with the limo service.

Before any money is exchanged, make sure you check out the limo you are intending to hire. Some companies use older limo fleets. So you do not want to be surprised on your wedding when a banger shows up instead of a gleaming Rolls Royce. Most limo companies will post on their website the different vehicles you can hire.

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