The Do’s and Don’ts When You Opt for A Limousine Service

For most people, riding an expensive limousine service is not something we get to enjoy every day. In reality, we only get to enjoy the experience once or twice in a lifetime. So it is normal to be unsure of what to act when hiring a local limo rental.  Here are some limo etiquettes to get the most out of your VIP experience. 


  • Plan ahead. It may be fun to be spontaneous but it is also important to have the stops on your route planned ahead of time. Also, give yourself enough time to get to and from the destination. Your driver cannot control the traffic. You’ll be less stressed out that way and will be able to enjoy the journey.
  • Come prepared.  Save the limo driver’s mobile number. Don’t miss to bring two hard copies of your itinerary with you on your ride. Give the other one to the chauffeur and keep one copy.
  • Act responsibly and practice proper etiquette. Both in and outside of the vehicle, act responsibly. That goes for every passenger. If a member of your party is not behaving well, drop them off and tell them to take a cab. You’ll be held financially responsible for any damages that occur to the interior and exterior of the car, and receiving a bill full of hefty lines after such wonderful can really spoil a positive memory.


    • Bring Too Many Hitch riders. There is a standard maximum number of passengers that a limousine service can accommodate, so be sure to comply with this. Don’t go and invite your entire neighborhood for the ride. Nothing will cramp your style like a cramp limo.
    • Get Drunk.  It is alright to have a little bit of buzz going on since you’re having a good time. Just be sure that you aren’t drunk enough to throw up in the vehicle not unless if you want to get fined.  Vomit isn’t fun for anyone- really.
  • Forget to enjoy the ride! You are not just renting a ride but you are buying a whole amazing experience.

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